The Gauvins

As for me and my house we will serve the Lord
(Joshua 24:15)

Flight Sim Project
Tom's been an aviation buff for a long time now.  He started working towards his pilots license many years ago but life took him in other directions.  He still hopes to complete it some day, but in the interim has taken up flight simulation as a hobby to stay connected with aviation.

In the past few months he has started to build out a more elaborate desktop sim and decided he wanted to begin a long term project of building a full cockpit for the sim.

Tom here:  At present, I have a desktop sim that's has gotten out of control and taken over the family PC.  I'm working on modularizing it so it can be moved aside for regular PC use.  It will also serve as the prototyping testbed for the systems to be installed in the cockpit.

So, here's step one in the sim project acquiring a cockpit shell to work with.
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